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Wednesday, 06 August 2008


Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.

Happy New Year! The author write more I liked it.

Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

With the new 2011. Year! Congratulations.

You write well will be waiting for your new publications.

Hi, I congratulate you on Merry Christmas!

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Have you been turned down by other lenders?

I think you are not quite right and you should still studying the matter.

Have you been turned down by other lenders?

Fortunately, times, circumstances and mentalities have changed... at least in our Western countries... but not much has changed in some other areas...
You probably know that Queen Victoria, in preparation for her wedding night, was just told to close her eyes and think of England and her marriage was a very happy one nevertheless.

I was very disappointed in 'Amsterdam' too and declined to read more of this writer. I enjoyed the film 'Atonement' though - and thought that I could have enjoyed the book too! And I still have the novel called 'Saturday' on my shelves but I haven't planned to read it for the moment.

Speaking of birds, please tell us if the avocet eggs did hatch and if the chicks are doing fine.

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  • (A doctor is at an elderly relative's deathbed) "The old sawbones, eh?" he bellowed ... "Just in the nick, perhaps. Haul the old girl back by the short hairs, if you ask me. Devilish smart at his work ... Always take a fence with more confidence when I know he's out with us."
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