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Monday, 05 November 2007


Oops, sorry!

I should have said:

You don't know me. I don't know you, but I was reading you blog and....."

I have typed a list of books recommended by.....
here it is:


when are you going to Namibia?
I am in Mozambique right now (working).
My advice about Namibia, when you are at the car rental and they ask if you want the tire insurance, say "yes".

If you like the desert you will love Namibia, I have only seen the North but I am planning to go have a look at the South in a coupe of months.


I am glad the cat is still here.

Erratum: in my previous comment (below), please read 'except' instead of 'excerpt', sorry.

The cat is still here, but only comments when he thinks he has something to add to the discussion. He is flattered that he is missed! Also he has been working late in the laboratory the last few days.

Dark Puss

I can tell you absolutely nothing about Namibia but I look forward to watch the photos you will take there.
When preparing a travel, I do the same things as you (excerpt for birds books) and I especially like to read books and novels or listen to music and songs from or related to the country I will visit. I do this before leaving (to get into the mood) and after I have come back (to feel like I am still there). While travelling, I tend to keep only travel guides because I don't want to carry overloaded luggage (and it is not an heart breaking decision at all for me!).
Off-topic: I feel a bit lonely on the commenters'side, where have they gone? Your feline e-fellow has disappeared in perfect cat fashion, I hope he will be back soon because this cozy place needs a cat.

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